About junkedit and junked.it

It's not designed for the world it's designed for me. Any feauture requests will be ignored. Complaints or threats will be handled with necessary delicacy and finesse.

For anything else you can try to give me feedback below.

Technically it has virtual files built from filename and password, both being case insensitive. There are no owners of a file, it's just made secret to the world by it's filename and password. There are at the moment no backups taken, while it's being hosted on a decent server I still recommend you take personal backups on important data.

Please note this is a completely unsafe way of storing a file. Your files are submitted via open http traffic and if you are on a public network consider everything you write in junkedit as postcards.

I leave no guarantees on your files being saved permanently and remember that if you dont use a secret-enough-filename and password other users may well read or overwrite your file.

That said, your files will probably be stored on junked.it until you decide to clear them (just save them empty).

Also, I have no plans selling or indexing the files. The files doesn't contain any traces to who worked with them. But if junkedit is used to spread illegal material there are ofcourse native httplogs, so please behave.




junkedit - well, it works.